EIDL Loan Payments via Pay.gov

How to schedule EIDL loan payments from Pay.gov

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Check your EIDL loan balance, next payment due date, and payment allocation to interest and principal

Use the SBA Capital Access Financial System website to check EIDL loan next payment due date, loan balance, and allocation of prior payments. 


SBA Capital Access Financial System


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Forecast Cash and Revenue - Contingency Based Law Firm - Pipeline Report

Our process for using a pipeline report to forecast revenue and cash for contingency-based law firms.

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Right Number in the Right Box - Employee Evaluations

If they get the right number in the wrong box, that is a training issue. They know what the number should be but don't know the system or software.

If they get the wrong number in the right box, that is sloppy. They know the system but don't care enough to be accurate. This is an issue which...

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Prepaid Flat Fees - Tracking individual timekeeper collections and balance of outstanding work
Firms with flat fee matters often ask two difficult questions:
1) How much work do we owe to clients? We have collected significant prepaid flat fees over time, how much services do we still owe to clients?
2) How can I measure individual timekeeper cash collections?
This video...
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Practice Management Systems for Personal Injury Firms personal injury

Plaintiff personal injury firms have processes and workflows that are not well suited to the practice systems designed for hourly time and billing firms. 

We are working with or watching the below practice management systems dedicated to personal injury firms.

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Colorado IOLTA Trust Account Resources state iolta rules

Colorado IOLTA account requirements are detailed in Rule 1.15 of The Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct.

Colorado Lawyer Trust Account Foundation COLFAT

  • Collects and disburses interest earned on Colorado IOLTA accounts.
  • ...
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California IOLTA Trust Account Resources state iolta rules

We use the below resources when managing California IOLTA accounts.

California IOLTA account requirements are regulated by Rule 4-100 of the California Rules of Professional Conduct.

We also use the Handbook on Client Trust Accounting for California Attorneys.

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Arizona IOLTA Trust Account Resources state iolta rules

We use the below resources when managing Arizona IOLTA accounts.


Arizona State Bar – Law Office Management Assistance (LOMAP)


State Bar of Arizona – Client Trust Accounting for Arizona Attorneys Manual

Under Arizona Supreme Court Rule 43 – Guidance on IOLTA Trust...

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Keeping Firm Funds in IOLTA for Account Maintenance

There’s an exception to the rule prohibiting law firms from depositing firm funds into the IOLTA trust account.

Example Scenario
-Client gives law firm $10,000 of advance funds.
-Check is deposited to IOLTA account.
-Two days later, firm receives notice the $10,000 check bounced. The bank...

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