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Batch Check Print - Soluno

Batch Check Print - Soluno
Batch Check Print - Soluno
Written by
Paul W Carlson, CPA
Published on
Dec 13, 2023

Paul W. Carlson, CPA:

All right. In our prior video we talked about how to post checks into Soluno to be printed at a future time, and now is the big day where we get to print some checks. So within Soluno, we go banking, and we go batch check print, and we select the account we're going to print the checks out of. So the checks have already been assigned to be printed from the operating account. We'd look at our stack of checks and our next check number is 2-0-2-6. We have money in the operating account and we want to print these two checks. With those settings ready to go, we hit print now, and we're going to do process actions. And what Soluno does is Soluno creates a PDF of the checks to be printed. So we'd look at this. And it looks reasonable. That then we go print and we can print to our laser printer and the checks will come out.


So notice that this version of Soluno is set up for stub at the top, check in the middle, stub at the bottom. That's a setting within the app, that you can change those to different check types. And from there we go back to Soluno. And if the checks printed correctly, you select yes, and the whole process ends. If there's something wrong with the checks, you can click no and the checks will be posted back into the queue to be printed again. So we're going to say, "Yep, these are good." And with that we printed our checks and we can finish this up and mail them out. Thanks. Bye-bye.