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Paul W Carlson, CPA

Specialties - Financial forecasting and modeling, EOS, management reporting Process design, onboarding, monthly closes, monthly financial meetings, and course development

Creating Client Invoices in Clio

Creating Client Invoices in Clio

Billable and Collected Time in Clio

Billable and Collected Time in Clio

Retainer or Advance Fee or Trust Requests in Clio

Retainer or Advance Fee or Trust Requests in Clio

How to schedule EIDL loan payments from

Learn the ins and outs of scheduling your EIDL loan payments on with our straightforward guide, designed to simplify your repayment journey.

Check your EIDL loan balance, next payment due date, and payment allocation to interest and principal

In this video post, we guide you through using the SBA Capital Access Financial System website to keep tabs on your EIDL loan, including how to check your next payment due date, outstanding loan balance, and how your payments are allocated between interest and principal.

Forecast Cash and Revenue - Contingency Based Law Firm - Pipeline Report

In this video blog post, we outline a specialized process for utilizing a pipeline report to accurately forecast revenue and cash flow in contingency-based law firms.

Right Number in the Right Box - Employee Evaluations

In our latest blog post, Steve Parker, CPA, demystifies the employee evaluation process by explaining what the accuracy and speed of numerical data entry can reveal about an employee's competence and fit for your company.

Prepaid Flat Fees - Tracking individual timekeeper collections and balance of outstanding work

Managing prepaid flat fees requires meticulous tracking, not just of the funds themselves, but also of individual timekeeper collections and the balance of outstanding work to be completed.

Practice Management Systems for Personal Injury Firms

This post highlights how general practice management systems may not be the best fit for personal injury firms, and highlights CASEpeer, Cloudlex, and Filevine as specialized options worth considering.

Colorado IOLTA Trust Account Resources

This post outlines key resources for managing Colorado IOLTA accounts and recommends keeping at least $100 of firm funds in these accounts to cover fees.

California IOLTA Trust Account Resources

Certainly, in this quick guide, we highlight the key resources we use for managing California IOLTA trust accounts.

Arizona IOLTA Trust Account Resources

This blog post serves as a resource guide for managing Arizona IOLTA trust accounts, pointing readers to valuable tools and references.

Keeping Firm Funds in IOLTA for Account Maintenance

This blog post outlines a specific exception that allows law firms to deposit their own funds into an IOLTA trust account

Connecticut IOLTA Trust Accounting Requirements

This blog post offers a concise overview of the IOLTA Trust accounting requirements for Connecticut lawyers, as laid out in Rule 1.15 of the Connecticut Practice Book. It lists essential accounting elements such as General and Client Ledgers, and explains the need for a triple reconciliation summary.

Example IOLTA Trust Account Reconciliation

In this video post, we offer a valuable resource for law firms by presenting a video overview of a complete IOLTA Trust account reconciliation—an example of which is often hard to find.

Streamlining Law Firm Finances: Automated Accounts Payable System

We help law firms pay vendor bills by automating their accounts payable process. This video provides an introduction to our processes and software tools.

S Corps for Law Firms – Self-Employment Tax Savings

Discover how opting for an S Corp tax structure can significantly impact your law firm's liability for Social Security and Medicare taxes.

S Corps for Law Firms – S Corp Costs

Navigating the financial implications of choosing an S Corp structure for your law firm involves understanding additional costs ranging from payroll services to tax preparation.

S Corps for Law Firms – Reasonable Salary

Determining a 'reasonable salary' for law firm owners operating as S Corps is a critical yet nebulous task, as the IRS provides only general guidelines.

Are charitable donations made by your law firm direct business tax deductions?

Navigating charitable donations within the legal structure of a law firm can be complex, with tax benefits depending largely on the type of tax return your firm files.

Legal Entity and Tax Options for Law firms – Introduction

Explore the different legal entity structures and tax options available for law firms in our introductory video blog post.

IOLTA FAQS – How do we handle client over payments?

This blog post outlines the right and wrong ways to manage such overpayments, detailing why depositing the full amount into an IOLTA account is the most compliant and cleanest option for handling overpayments.

IOLTA FAQS – Are preprinted deposit slips for the IOLTA Account required?

Delve into the intricacies of using preprinted deposit slips for IOLTA Accounts in our enlightening FAQ video blog post.

Aggregating Weekly Transactions

Discover the essentials of aggregating weekly transactions for your business in our latest video blog post.

Managing Partner’s Guide to Weekly Cash Forecasts

Our latest video blog post offers a Managing Partner's guide to generating accurate and actionable weekly cash forecasts for your law firm.

Weekly Cash Forecast Introduction

A walkthrough the weekly cash forecast we create for Law Firms.