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Adding Contacts in Soluno

Adding Contacts in Soluno
Adding Contacts in Soluno
Written by
Paul W Carlson, CPA
Published on
Dec 13, 2023

Paul W. Carlson, CPA (00:00):

All right, and here we can start to create new contacts within Soluno. To get to the contact tab, you go Contacts and Files, you select New Contact, and we get this screen. Soluno auto numbers the contacts, and we can add individuals, we can add companies. The contact concept is used for clients within the firm, other parties we just want to keep their name and address from, it could be used for opposing counsel, it could be used for the insurance company that pays in settlements, it could be used for vendors if vendors are paid out of the system. So one contact system for everyone the firm works with.


Just run a couple examples. Say we have Adam Smith, is an individual, that we would just go ahead and hit Save here. Or say we're working with Insurance Company Z, so we won a suit against Insurance Company Z and they're sending us a check that we're going to deposit into trust, that we want to go ahead and set up a contact for that so we can track exactly where the money came from. See how this changed, that Soluno is going to treat this as a company.


Sometimes you'll have both a specific name of a person and you'll have a company name. This is usually if a client is a company, and we are working with the president of the company, we would probably keep both names in there. With this, you can select within Soluno how you want the contact to be treated. Do we want this to show within the system as a company or as the individual? For this one, we just want the individual client.


There's one trick within Soluno at the moment, that if we're going to write a check to the contact, we need to go down and set the vendor to say that it is a vendor. Where this is interesting is if we have a client, we're doing a contingency matter for them, we're going to settle and write a check out to the client when we win, that we need to set them up as a vendor, otherwise Soluno won't allow us to write a check against that person. So with that, we have created a new contact and it saves it in the background.


If you want to edit a contact, again, it's the Contacts and Files, we go to Contact Manager, and then in this box we can use predictive search to find who we need to look for. We just did Adam Smith, so we type in S and we can pull up the contact we just created.


What else do we have in here? Here we have several example clients. Here we have an insurance company we're going to get settlements from, we have the State Bar, that we're sending IOLTA interest out to. So just a full list of all of our contacts, and we can just select them in that box and pull up their details from this screen.


With that, it's a quick overview of how to add contacts to Soluno.