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MyCase Payment Plans - Step 3 - Managing Payment Plan Balances and Payments

MyCase Payment Plans - Step 3 - Managing Payment Plan Balances and Payments
MyCase Payment Plans - Step 3 - Managing Payment Plan Balances and Payments
Written by
Paul W Carlson, CPA
Published on
Dec 13, 2023

Paul W. Carlson, CPA (00:01):

This is the third video in our MyCase Payment Plan series. This video we're looking at how we can use MyCase reporting options to manage the firm's active payment plans. If you've tried to do payment plans with other systems, or you've tried to manage payment plans with spreadsheets, you know how much time you can waste on just trying to check the status of one payment plan. Where with MyCase, we can go billing, payment plans and we can see every invoice that had a payment plan. We can see the status of every invoice. And the other hole we'll sometimes see in some payment plan systems is if a payment plan due date is missed, that the system just ignores it and it keeps on going as if that payment had been made. Where here we can see that client B is well behind because we're now September 21 and we can see that their next payment was due back in July. So there's something really wrong here.


A couple of workflow pieces. I would have someone from the firm every week log in, sort by next payment due and go down the list and everyone who's past due follow up, click into the invoice, send them a reminder, use their contact information to call. If client does not bring their case payments back current, that then we need to start having conversations disengaging or taking other actions to encourage the client to become current. The other piece I'd want to do is either sort by autopay or use this filter to show only the cases where autopay is disabled, because we want autopay turned on most of the time for just about every case. And so if something's not on autopay, it's a signal that there's something broken with that case, the credit card fell off or we missed a click. And so with that quick overview of how to use MyCase payment plan reporting tool, and really this is tremendous compared to what we see from other case management systems and we're very excited to be working with this. Thanks.