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Lawmatics Weekly Lead Report

Lawmatics Weekly Lead Report
Lawmatics Weekly Lead Report
Written by
Paul W Carlson, CPA
Published on
Dec 13, 2023

Paul W. Carlson, CPA (00:00):

All right, so on our screen we have an example of a weekly leads report developed from Lawmatics. Let's see what we're looking at here. We have the primary lead types as the primary field, and so we are seeing subtotals are counts by lead type.


We have two referrals, one lead from Google My Business. We have the first name of the PNC, the last name of the PNC, the practice area for the deal, campaign is the name of the person that provided the referral. Then in referral type, we have notes if it's a client referral, or a center of influence referral, or professional referral, and then we have the date the deal was created.


Let's first jump into the syntax that was used to create the report. When you edit reports within Lawmatics, these are the fields that are added to the view. When you do... Source, then I have a grouping included on the source, and that's why it's moved to the left and we get the pull-downs, and so it's a little bit out of order from the field selected at the top. This referral type is a custom field. I'm going to say this here... You can stop your video and you can pull up these fields and create this and then save it.


Let's talk about what's going on with that custom field. Lawmatics has this special marketing setting of referrals that when you select referrals as the marketing source, Lawmatics goes and lets you pull up the name of the referral partner from all of the other contacts within the database. This is great because if you do this, then Ruby Carlson will be spelled the same. Every time, it'll be consistent and we're connecting the deals to specific contact records. If we can follow how the database wants to think, we're better off.


The trouble is we want to know which referrals are client referrals, which referrals are professional referrals, that we want some sort of split out exactly what type of referral that is. The workaround that I've come up with is we create a custom field of referral type. Typically, this will be a client referral center for influence referral or professional referral, and then we set this custom field when we add the deal.


From the deals page, we know that if it's a referral, then we pick the name of the person who the referral came from, and then we know we have to go up and add the referral type. That's where we receive this special referral type detail on the screen.


Typically, we go on to know what kind of referrals we're getting because some firms really drive, and some practice areas really drive on client referrals. Personal injury, a lot of those firms grow based on client referrals. We know exactly how many client referrals we receive in every week to make sure that that newsletter's working, that our work product and other communication with existing clients is working.


Other firms, we have campaigns where we're keeping track of nurturing referral partners, so we need to know which deals are coming from referral partners. That's where this additional detail is critical. Setting this custom field is kind of a pain, but if we run this report every week and make sure that everyone is listed as a referral, has this column completed, we can provide some quality control to make sure that the sales department is updating the data as needed.


With that, I would say the other piece is typically we ask firms to run this report every week for the prior two weeks. You can filter the dates that the report is run, that there's this custom option at the bottom, and you can run this report for all the deals received over the last two weeks, export this to Excel, and then bring this into your management meeting to just review the deals that we've received to make sure that the tracking and lead volume we expect is accurate. Thanks.