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Billable Dollars from Clio

Implement best practices in pulling a Billable Dollars report from Clio.
Billable Dollars from Clio
Written by
Paul W Carlson, CPA
Published on
Dec 8, 2023

Use this video to walk through the best way to generate a Billable Dollars report from Clio.

Paul W. Carlson, CPA (00:00):

Hi, this is Paul Carlson, CPA with Law Firm Velocity. In our prior video, we talked about using a weekly billable dollar spreadsheet to break monthly revenue goals into weekly revenue goals, and then tying timekeeper performance into achieving those revenue goals. That the puzzle with this is Google Sheet, we can get set up. The trick comes into getting this information out of the practice management system.


So in this tutorial, we're going to look at pulling a billable dollars from Clio. So the reports within Clio don't work so hot for getting last week's billable dollars out of the system. The process we suggest is to work from this activities page.


So there's two processes you can use. One is we work within this page and run a different version of this for every timekeeper. So we need one report for April 29th through May 3rd, and we select for time. And from this cell, we can see that my time for that week was $1,750. When we want to grab a time value for other timekeepers, we go into the filter, find other timekeeper, apply the filter, and we can see that Maria billed out $3,600 the same week. And so each time we see these values, we are populating those into this Google Sheet.


So for larger firms, what you do is we change the filter to all users. Apply filters. And so now we see all time for that week for all users, and we can export this to a spreadsheet.


Okay, and once the export is done, we open the detail in Excel. And what we're looking for is timekeeper or user and this dollar amount. So rate can be okay, flat rate we can hide, matter description, matter number can be helpful. This is the text on the time entry, so we can leave those in. We can hide this stuff, and then down here we can hide these rows. Okay.


So what we need to do is we want to add subtotals for each of the timekeepers. So how you do that is you go highlight everything, do data sort. You want to sort by user. Okay, so everything is now sorted by user name. Then we use this fantastic subtotal tool, and we say at each change in user, we want to sum the amount. Unclick there. And so now we can see that we have our totals. We can see that Maria billed $3,600 for the period. I billed $1,750 for the period. And we can go add these values into the Google sheet.


While you've done this, I would save this and also forward this to the managing partners, so if they want to see what everyone did last week, it provides a nice little summary. And with that, just a quick overview of how to get billable dollars out of Clio. Thanks.