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Adding Files, Matters, & Cases in Soluno

Adding Files, Matters, & Cases in Soluno
Adding Files, Matters, & Cases in Soluno
Written by
Paul W Carlson, CPA
Published on
Dec 13, 2023

Paul W. Carlson, CPA (00:01):

Okay. Okay. The second step to setting up a client andengagement is to create a new file within Soluno. So law firms use the term ofnew file, new case, new matter, to represent the specific engagement with aclient.


So Soluno has decided to use the term file. So from themenu system, we go contacts and files, new file. This is where we can start toenter basic information. So we're just going to do a simple example. So let'screate a file for Adam Smith. So we are searching for the contact that'salready in the system. It pulls in client name, it auto numbers the file. Sothis is Adam Smith is contact 12 and this is file two. Open date, whatever'sappropriate. Area of practice will be customized to your firm. So let's goahead and select whichever's appropriate. Responsible is the attorney who isresponsible for the matter. So we'll make Madeline responsible.


Then this is not a required field, but this is probablythe most important field on the entry screen, is to add a description of thematter. So here we're just going to use Smith V State as our matter name. Sothis appears on invoices and we're going to show in a second, it's going toappear on searches and other reports.


So with that, we hit save. So that's how we created a newfile. If we need to work within files, we go to the file manager and this boxis again predictive search and it searches both matter name and client name. Sowe just created a matter called Smith V State. So let's search for State andhere we found a search result for State. We can also search for the clientname. So here we have the client name. So the results we see here, it's thefile number, client name, client number, client name and then case description.We're going to select that and we can see our matter.


With that, it's a quick introduction of how to add filesinto Soluno.